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Wireless Networks

Tailored wireless design, implementation, troubleshooting, and validation for any environment or vendor.

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LAN Networks

Small business to Large Enterprise LAN solutions to fit your requirements, with experience across an array of vendors.

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DC Networks

Providing expertise in traditional Cisco Nexus, or Application Centric data center solutions, VMWare NSX-T.

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Network Transformation

Helping companies embark on network transformations focusing on GreenIT, Software Defined, Remote Workers, and Wireless First.

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Wireless Networks

IOT & 802.11 Wireless Design, Implementation, Troubleshooting services provided by CWNE engineers, using Ekahau Pro

Wireless Design & Implementation

Wireless Design

We specialise in industrial, medical, retail, and corporate wireless design. Our wireless engineers can tailor a solution to your needs with experience in 802.11 (WiFi) or IoT wireless protocols.

Wireless Implementation

We provide staging and burn-in services to help prevent infrastructure failure scenarios. Our team will ensure the wireless network is tuned to the optimal parameters for your specific needs. Our partnered network means you don’t need to worry about managing several vendors throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Wireless Troubleshooting and Validation

Troubleshooting and validating a wireless network can be a daunting task. At BON, we provide an array of services to take the trouble out of troubleshooting! Spectrum and protocol analysis, wireless validation surveys, and client validation services are some of the solutions we can offer you.

Wireless Services

BON can provide you with solutions outside of the usual wireless offering. Talk to us about Ekahau project consultancy, RADIUS solutions, Wireless Intrusion Prevention and Monitoring tools, DHCP and DNS solutions.

Wireless Troubleshooting, Validation, and Services

LAN Networks

LAN Design, Implementation, Troubleshooting services provided by CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure engineers

LAN Design and Implementation

LAN Design

With countless years of designing local area networks, the team at BON can provide you with a solution no matter the size. With customers ranging from small business to global enterprise, we deliver LAN designs to fit your requirements.

LAN Implementation

At BON, we have automated the staging and burn in process for our customers. This reduces the risk of human error and helps ensure our customers have a tried and tested solution delivered to their door. Our team are capable of managing installations across the Europe and Middle East Africa regions. We utilise a partnered network to manage cabling related topics to ensure the work is of the highest quality.

LAN Troubleshooting

Do you need help identifying issues on your local area network? Or, are you having a hard time ruling out the local area network as the problem? We provide services to identify and isolate networking issues.

LAN Services

We can provide you with a vast array of LAN services. This includes wired 802.1X, management and monitoring tool audits and designs, QoS design, and assistance with other layer 2 & 3 protocols.

LAN Troubleshooting and Services

Data Center Networks

Data Center Design, Implementation, Troubleshooting services provided by CCIE Data Center engineers

Data Center Design and Implementation

Data Center Design

Data Centres are evolving rapidly, at BON we provide expertise in traditional Cisco Nexus or Application Centric data center solutions, such as Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) or VMWare NSX-T. BON is well equipped to design to your needs, be it a single rack setup, entire cage, or multiple sites globally

Data Center Implementation

BON provides tailored Data Center implementations according to the needs of our clients. This can include migration planning, commissioning of physical infrastructure, setting up the fabric, handing over a complete functioning network, and integrating a new data center into a multi-site environment.

Data Center Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a data center network is a complex task. At BON, we provide an array of services, specialising in both traditional and software defined networks. Our experts are well versed in traditional Nexus data centers, application centric data centers, ingress and egress, load balancer and firewalls, storage area networks, and network protocols unique to the data center.

Data Center Transformation

Moving from the traditional data center to an application centric data center is a big step. At BON we can help you on your transformation journey. Understanding the different stages involved in migrating from network centric to application centric will help eliminate the issues commonly found during these transformations.

Data Center troubleshooting and transformation

Network Transformations

Helping companies embark on network transformations focusing on GreenIT, Software Defined, Remote Workers, and Wireless First.

GreenIT Initiatives

Helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint by analysing actual capacity of network infrastructure and providing guidance on Wireless First transformations.

Remote Workers

With the recent shift towards working remote, we can help ensure our clients maintain productivity by optimising and monitoring remote worker connectivity.

Vendor Neutral Audits

BON will provide you with vendor neutral audits, taking the time to analyse each solution to ensure the correct solution for your needs is identified.

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